NOC Services

Get Improved IT & Network Performance with Minimal Cost

Now small businesses can stay productive and on task with a reliable network that will deliver the best performance, stability and uptime thanks to Hyphenet's NOC Services.

Hyphenet’s NOC Services offer monitoring & reporting solutions to keep a watchful eye on your small business’ computer network – including servers, routers, switches, business applications, circuits, UPS & other components – to help break the vicious cycle of network failures which can result in costly downtime.

Our NOC services cover the following activities:

  • Alert Monitoring
  • Alert Validation
  • Event ID Correlation
  • Opening Trouble Tickets
  • Monitoring Templates
  • Validate monitoring rules
  • New Customer On-Boarding
  • Patch Installs and Reports
  • Anti-Virus Updates and Reports
  • Server Restarts
  • Temp File Deletion
  • Disk Defragmentation
  • SNMP/MIB Research
  • Backup Job Monitoring
  • Phone Support

With Hyphenet's NOC Services in place, companies can appreciate:

  • A significant reduction in network failures & downtime
  • Quick resolution to developing network issues
  • An increase in both end-user and staff satisfaction
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