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The importance of your messaging environment for your day-to-day activities necessitates having a reliable and scalable IT infrastructure. The same is true for your messaging application. That's why it's important to carefully plan and determine your current and long-term messaging needs before migrating from another messaging environment or upgrading from Microsoft Exchange 2003.

Hyphenet's Professional Services can help. We recognize that a poorly planned Exchange migration can turn into months of manual migration and tie up both IT staff and organizational-critical technologies. In addition, it can result in unnecessary disruptions and loss in business productivity. We therefore use proven tools and processes along with our best practices – gained from implementing Exchange internally – to efficiently migrate your IT infrastructure to Microsoft Exchange 2013.

We start by conducting an Exchange Migration Readiness Assessment to determine the potential return on investment and identify any barriers that might impede a successful migration. The information gather during this assessment can also pinpoint ways of making your messaging environment more reliable and scalable.

Hyphenet's professional services will help you achieve many of the business and operational benefits of Exchange, including:

  • Advanced feature set and capability
  • Improved availability
  • Improved stability and reliability of new technology
  • Enhanced user application, server and directory capabilities
  • Strengthened administrative model
  • Enables the use of Active Directory and advanced security features

Drawing from years of experience, our Professional Services team has the expertise and experience to not only simplify your move to Exchange 2013, but put in place the necessary infrastructure to enable your messaging system to scale as your needs evolve.

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