Data Storage (NAS/SAN)

Although our customers span a diverse range of vertical industries, each with their own objectives, initiatives and business drivers, they share a common need to maximize their return on investment, minimize lost opportunity costs and lower total cost of ownership.

Hyphenet provides the storage networking software tools, automation, flexibility and reliability that are helping our customers achieve benefits that significantly impact the productivity, ROI and cost of ownership of their information technology assets. Our customers in a variety of industries are achieving:

  • Dramatically better disk utilization through storage resource pooling and tiered storage classes.
  • Reduced operational burden by centralizing and automating storage administration across like or dissimilar equipment.
  • Elimination of planned and unplanned downtime using non-disruptive storage provisioning and replication techniques.
  • Enhanced performance, connectivity and productivity allowing them to support more users with existing resources and personnel.

Hyphenet's IP-Storage networking solutions drive storage productivity and management gains while reducing costs, using all-in-one IP-SANs.

IP-SAN Solutions:

  • Build a SAN, Reach Your Data
    Our solutions let you cost effectively connect and manage storage across your Ethernet network.
  • Consolidate your Email, Scale Your Exchange Data
    We enable data consolidation across multiple Exchange servers improving storage utilization, reducing management overhead, and simplifying Exchange administration.
  • Storage Continuity, Ensure Your Storage
    Storage Redundancy Solutions ensure complete storage failover service and integrated RAID capabilities, for 24/7 business continuity.
  • Storage Pooling, Scale Your Capacity
    Storage Pooling solutions enable the creation of large storage volumes across enclosures, scaling storage capacities for large data handling.
  • Storage Management, Provision Your Storage
    Storage Management solutions extend network-based volume management for effective provisioning of storage resources across applications and users.
  • FC-SAN Expansion, Extend Your Storage
    FC-SAN Expansion solutions bridge and provision Fibre Channel storage resources to all connected users and servers over IP.

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