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OSX/Tsunami.A Trojan Recruiting Macs for DDoS Attacks

OSX/Tsunami Warning

Take your Mac to higher ground!

Researchers over at ESET have discovered a new IRC-controlled backdoor Trojan, OSX/Tsunami.A, seeking out unprotected Macs in order to recruit them into a bot for Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks.

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OSX/Flashback.C Trojan Stops Automatic Updates for Built-in Anti-Malware Protection

Glowing Apple Logo

Don’t think just because you have a Mac that you’re safe from malware, viruses or whatever other rogue applications are roaming around searching for trouble.

The latest variant of the Flashback Trojan discovered just last month, dubbed OSX/Flashback.C, has been found to have the ability of keeping OS X’s built-in anti-malware software, XProtect from receiving automatic updates.

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New OS X Trojan Infecting Macs By Pretending to Be Adobe Flash Update

Flashback trojan installer

Mac users are having their sense of security shaken up once again with another Trojan targeting OS X caught roaming in the wild.

Discovered by Intego, the Trojan horse OSX/flashback.A is sneaking its way into the Mac system files party by masquerading as an Adobe Flash update.

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OSX/Revir.A Trojan Horse Targeting Mac OS X in Order to … Do Nothing?

Revir.A Trojan Horse Doesn't Do Much

With more and more users adopting Macs these days, cybercooks may be growing tempted to switch from developing malware and other nasty bugs for Windows to creating them for Macs instead.

Unfortunately for the creator of the Revir.A trojan (but fortunately for Mac users), it seems like their efforts aren’t proving to be so fruitful.

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