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How hacks are costing you


When someone hacks into your account, it will end up costing you money, time, and distress.

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Skype’s social media accounts attacked, Syrian Electronic Army takes responsibility


Skype has felt the wrath of the Syrian Electronic Army this week. The attack happened on Wednesday when the Syrian Electronic Army hijacked Skype, Twitter, Facebook, and their blog accounts.

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Tech predictions of imminent 2014 disasters


It’s the end of the year and 2014 is almost here. This blog gives the predictions for the tech industry and potential disasters for 2014. The disasters predicted are only theories.

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The Biggest Security Stories of 2013


In 2013 we have seen many ups and downs with internet security and surveillance. Here we take a look at the most prominent security issues we were faced with in 2013.

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Disconnected Computers are still at Risk for Cyberthreats


Computer are facing cyberthreats even when unplugged. A considerable threat through air gap computer security is concerning the military. Cyberthreats jumping air gap…

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By 2015 One in Four Cloud Computing Providers will be Gone


Cloud computing providers are at risk for not surviving. Many cloud computing companies are in competition with each other. One in four cloud providers will be gone.

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Microsoft, Apple, Google and Facebook tighten grip on NSA spying


Microsoft, Apple, Google, Facebook are all tired of NSA spying. They are standing up to the NSA and tightening the lid on their data collecting.

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India seeks help from the US to monitor Web chats


India is asking the United States for help in monitoring web chats to try and get terrorist before they get them. Monitor web chats consist of social media, video messages…

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Why is (HTTPS) important on Cyber Monday?


It’s important for websites to have an HTTPS in the URL. Cyber Monday shoppers need to be sure they are using a secure website when entering in personal information.

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Tis’ the Season for Cyberscams when shopping


Black Friday and Cyber Monday are perfect for cyberscams to invade your internet. Cyberscams are hitting your email, social media sites, and popular websites.

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