Super Malware that Attacks Android Discovered

Android and security threats go almost hand in hand as new and imminent Android_Malware_Newsthreats are discovered on almost a weekly basis in today’s market. However, there was no threat that could potentially uproot Google’s Android as one of the most popular mobile operating systems in the world. But all that is set to change now, as a new virus has been detected that is very advanced and attacks the Android operating system in a new and innovative way. Also, the code is a little hard to completely remove, and can potentially detract users from using Android in the future.


Deadly Characteristics of the Virus

When a security researcher performs an assessment of any malicious software, he or she considers the most dangerous traits of that malicious software. From that viewpoint, this is one of the most dangerous Android malware discovered. Firstly, the code is so complex that it looks almost like a code that is written for a Windows computer, or even more advanced. The code also uses obfuscation techniques to confuse the OS about its true nature, thus evading detection. But the most dangerous trait of this malware is that it has been programmed to resist attempts of uninstallation by the user.

Kaspersky Labs behind the Discovery

Kaspersky, a leading security products company, detected this malware in Android and said that is has the capability of single handedly bringing down the Android operating system. They also reported that this malware exploits vulnerabilities in the Android OS that were previously, quite literally unknown.

Android super-malware discovered – Is Google’s platform in peril…/android-super-malware-discovered-is-googles-pla…

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Android super-malware discovered – Is Google’s platform in ..…android-super-malware-discovered–is…

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