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A Day in Tech History: April 24, 1984


Apple introduced their Apple IIc on this day, April 24, 1984. The Apple IIc was the answer to a portable machine. Also on April 24, IBM announced its first PC.

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CARBONITE: Why your small business should upgrade


There are many reasons why Carbonite can help your small business. From backup protection to security, your small business will benefit from Carbonite.

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19 year old uses Heartbleed Bug to attack Canadian taxpayers.


A teenager uses the Heartbleed Bug to attack 900 taxpayers in Canada. The teen used vulnerabilities caused by the Heartbleed Bug to steal personal data…

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CARBONITE: Access your files anywhere, anytime


Backup your files with Carbonite! There is no need to worry about protecting your files. Carbonite Backup is safe, secure, and affordable. So backup with Carbonite.

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IBM extends disaster recovery for SoftLayer users


IBM is giving their SoftLayer clients a new set of cloud-capabilities. SoftLayer clients will have continuous business in the event of a disaster. IBM is a cloud leader…

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What is Heartbleed and what you can do about it.


Vulnerable OpenSSL has the Heartbleed worrying tech giants and users alike. Heartbleed allows hackers to access your passwords, private information, and data.

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Close the divide between your IT department and end user.


IT departments and end users have always had communication problems. Learn how to fill the gap between the two. IT departments should understand the business thoroughly.

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Microsoft drops Windows XP, protect yourself now!


Windows XP has ended and there are still too many people running on the unsecured software. Running the outdated Microsoft Windows XP is hazardous to your PC.

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What is Cloud Computing and why does your small business need it?


The greatest benefit small business can get out of cloud computing is financial. Cloud computing is predictable, economical, and small business friendly.

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Apple issues updates from Safari vulnerabilities spotted

Apple Pwn2Own

Apple has issued updates for Safari browsers because of vulnerabilities found at a Pwn2Own competition. Safari updates for 6 and 7 have been released.

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