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Top 10 Fixes for Common Computer Problems


There are questions that are unanswerable for most when coming across issues with your PC. Many people look at their devices and have no idea how to start fixing the problem. This article from PC World will provide you with helpful tips to deal with your computer obstacles and resolve issues regarding blue screen, slow…

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This Day in Tech History: July 9


This Day in Tech History, Gil Amelio was ousted from Apple. July 9th is also Donkey Kong’s and Mario’s birthday, as they were released for sale. Tech History…

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Microsoft Patch Inconsistencies


Microsoft stops a patch, then moves forward with the patch. Inconsistencies with Microsoft patches and the Canadian anti-spam law takes effect but without smooth sailing.

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Publishers Clearing House Scam Alert


No money has been won here, Publishers Clearing House Scams are here again. These scams come from phone calls, emails, and bulk mail. PCH will not contact you…

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Top 10 Tips for Computer Security


Being in the Internet Age, we use computers to pay bills online, go shopping, take college courses, and endlessly entertain ourselves. Before you allow the computer to consume your whole life, take the necessary steps to ensure your finances stay personal. ¬†Use passwords for protection Get your guard up Up the ‘anti’ with software Run…

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USPS Email Scam


There’s another USPS email scam going around. This time, the link to print the package label is downloading malware onto computers. USPS email scams are nothing new.

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Start using hashtags when shopping online

Start using hashtags when shopping online

Amazon and Twitter have combined to integrate online shopping and hashtags. The hashtag trend has grown so immensely that the word has been officially added to the dictionary.

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WARNING: Chinese Smartphones Contain Built-In Android Malware


ANDROID USERS BEWARE! Chinese smartphones are shipped with malware that steals users data. This malware is hiding in Google Play and is usually undetected.

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‘Prayers for Likes’ Facebook Scam


Facebook scams are beginning to take over in the social media world. ‘Prayers for Likes’ entices users to ‘Like’ and ‘Share’ photos of unknowing victims.

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This Day In Tech History: June 13, 2014


Microsoft changed the game in tech history when they teamed up with Tele-communications and Time Warner to start the Interactive TV.

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